How the system works

Our InteliS platform was designed and built such as a Cyberphysical system that provides all features of nowadays and future connectivity, processing and scalability facilities. These facilities are currently provided by means of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Cloud computing technologies, respectively. InteliS platform uses existing state-of-the-art technologies and our own patented innovations as follows:
Interconnecting various embedded devices (sensors, actuators) is easily done with the aid of protocol conversions made by our GateRO gateways
Exchanging of process data between embedded devices/dedicated automation components (PLCs, drives, etc.) and InteliS cloud services is also easily done with the secure communication paths as provided by our GateRO gateways
Storing process data in private clouds or customers' datacenter use cloud management system for resiliency, failover benefits
Processing of collected data using various analytics uses cloud 'unlimited' processing power
Billing of communication and processing costs are done per-usage, regardless of the project size
Human interface for results and decisions uses latest browser standards (HTML5), multitouch devices, emails/sms
Customised interfaces for 3rd party asset management systems (e.g., IBM-Maximo), enterprise resource planning tools (ERP)

Infrastructure that extracts the value of IoT data.

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Connecting of most critical devices and machines to the InteliS cloud platform brings the required data to dedicated cloud-based software services in order to provide results for process assistance (preventive maintenance, resource optimisation, decrease delivery time)

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Is a family of gateway-routers that are custom designed embedded systems for secure and application specific data processing
Support various wiring interfaces and protocols as typically used in industry and maritime: RS232/422/485 serial interfaces, Ethernet, Modbus RTU, Modbus/TCP, application-specific ASCII protocols, OPC UA
Support mobile communication such as Cellular or Satellite
Support IoT interfaces and protocols such as LoraWAN, MQTT

GateRO handles automatically different connectivity services:
Balance between Cellular or Satellite such as gain the lowest cost
Claim, use and pay for the traffic/bandwidth on Satellite as required by the cloud service (telemetry, remote-diagnostic, etc)

InteliS performs specific management of its components, including GateROs, network infrastructure, data:
RISAN tool programms NetApp network services to exchange data between certain devices, using certain protocols, at certain conditions (event-based, publish-subscribe mechanism)
Protocol Builder tool assists in quickly writing a protocol stack for handling of sensor specific ASCII data
AIR-Wnet IoT wireless sensors network (WSN) gather sensor data (e.g., temperature, humidity, status of valves, pumps, energy) into InteliS services for environmental monitoring, energy management, house automation

InteliS uses standard software interfaces between cloud services and connected devices such as:
Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI)
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Web Services

These interfaces work as a middleware across various InteliS services including the connected devices, too.

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InteliS cloud platform support various application specific data analysis such as:
DataFLY - telemetry service for data retrieval, storage, and graphical interpretation
DevCARE - preventive maintenance of automation systems with the aid of intelligent algorithm that analyse continuously all collected data
AIR-WNet - environmental monitoring for natural calamities, health of agricultural animals (honey-bee, cows, etc)
DataRUN - process optimisation for energy management in smart buildings
In addition, we customise the reports and users web-interfaces according to their needs.

Besides the built-in services, InteliS support data exchange with other asset management systems such as IBM-Maximo or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Users may use any desktop or mobile device (laptop, tablet, smart-phone) to connect to InteliS by means of classic web interface through https on a modern browser, or by means of dedicated VPN channels.

DataFLY service brings IoT data into analysis application

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DataFLY is a cloud-based service that provides the following features:

Data acquisition from automation equipment (engines, PLCs, generators, drives, etc)
Data storage in the gateway device (GateRO) in a buffer that helps when Cloud connection is lost
Data transfer into a remote database stored in InteliS cloud system
Visualization of historical process data for an easy interpretation
Downloading of historical process data for an offline processing

DataFLY visualization pages are custom-designed for each customer project and consists of various types of graphics, such as multiple process data plot on charts, tables or dedicated pages such as MAP, historical data player that simulates real control room panels.

Remote Diagnostic Service

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Fix the problem before you knew you had one

Remote Diagnostic provides the required infrastructure needed by users (e.g., service-engineers) to remotely connect into the automation equipment (drives, PLCs, engines, generators, etc) in order to analyse the occurred problems interactively.

GateRO dedicated hardware for secure IoT gateway

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GateRO40x is a router that exchanges network data across multiple industrial network interfaces, including InteliS cloud services through Cellular:

2 serial (RS232/422/485), supporting Modbus/RTU/ASCII, custom ASCII strings decoded using ProtocolBuilder tool
2 wired Ethernet, supporting Modbus/TCP, InteliS cloud services
1 built-in GPS
Cellular, for InteliS cloud services

In other words, GateRO401 allows interconnection of devices (PLCs, smart sensors, SCADA) working on different protocols or bus technologies/speeds. All connections between GateRO devices and the associated InteliS cloud system are encrypted using the built-in hardware crypto-chips. The security level of crypto-algorithms is the same as the ones used in electronic banking.